What Are Charm Bracelets?

If there is one particular line of jewelry that is timeless and does not lose its stylishness, they are charm bracelets. The charm bracelet is an accent piece worn around the wrist, mostly by females but it can also be worn by males if they want to. They are called charm bracelets because the bracelet that is usually made of silver holds and contains charms, which can be cute pendants or dazzling gems. These charms usually denote significant experiences, things or memories in the life of the wearer of these rather famous pieces of jewelry.

There are studies that suggest that during the pre-historic era, charm bracelets have already been a part of the lives of the ancient people. There were also evidences that have shown that animal bones, clay, and shells have been used as their jewelry charms. In Africa, pieces of evidence like shells where found to be used as a decoration for bracelets by the Africans 75,000 years ago. Also, the charms were used to symbolize faith and luck of a person in Egypt during ancient times. During the Dark Ages, the charms are used to signify family origin, political, and religious beliefs.

Charm Bracelets: The Metamorphosis

Charm BraceletsCharm bracelets have gone through several trend waves from the ancient times up to the modern times. There are actually lots of different types of charm bracelets around the world. It can be classified by the purpose, the design and style, and place of origin of the charm bracelets.

According to the purpose, the charm bracelets can be classified into the following: wedding, memories, birthstone, sacraments, hobbies, and parenthood charm bracelets. Each of the aforesaid types of charm bracelets are typically made of a silver chain bracelet with charms, where we now have the popular silver charm bracelets, symbolizing specific things in regards to its purpose.

There are two types of charm bracelets according to its place of origin. The first one is the European charm bracelet. An European charm bracelet is intended for bead-like trinkets or charms that are inserted on to the chain of the bracelet. There is a wide variety of European beads that are used for their bead charm bracelets. The most prevalent materials used for the European charms and beads to make charm bracelets are gold, silver, and platinum. Quite recently, there are also white gold charm bracelets and charms that are now available not only in European markets but also around the world.

The second type is the Italian charm bracelet. Italian charm bracelets uses Italian charms made of flat silver rectangular shapes. Like the European charms, Italian charms also have a wide array of available decorative charm bracelet charms. Italian charms are inexpensive but it is still really fashionable, trendy, and long-lasting.

The last classification by its style and design is the classical dangling charm bracelet. This type is the oldest and most standard of all types. By the name itself, it can be understood that the charms on this bracelet are placed in a dangling way. The bracelet used in this type typically consists of connected loops made of gold, silver or platinum. In every loop of the bracelet, a charm can be placed or removed depending on the person’s preference.

The Uniqueness Of Charm Bracelets

Charm Bracelets For WomenCharm bracelets are not only worn to symbolize important and memorable happenings in a a person’s life; it is also worn to make a person’s overall look chic and stylish as well. It is also a perfect gift idea for little girls, young women and even older ladies. With the variety of beads to choose from to be used as charms, charm bracelets will continue to be very popular.

Unlike most jewelry, charm bracelets are really versatile, in that wearers can create their own custom charm bracelets to suit their mood and what the occasion demands. You simply remove charms that are not fitting for the occasion or dress you are wearing and replace them with more charm bracelet charms.

Charm Bracelets Brands

There are different charm bracelets makers around the world. However, just like anything in life there are the big players. The most popular charm bracelets manufacturers are Pandora, Chamilia bracelets and Tiffany charm bracelets, in no special order. Even if you wanted you could make your own custom charm bracelets, and on this site you would find articles and videos about how to do just that. Creating your own charm bracelets jewelry is fun you will enjoy and brings out the creativity in you so you are encouraged to try it.

The cost of charm bracelets range from very low to very high figures such as from as low as $5 to as high as $15,000 or more. This huge disparity in price depends on a lot of factors. The dominant factors are the manufacturer type or brand, the materials used in the charm bracelets and charms and the attention to detail given in the making the charm bracelets.


Charm bracelets are really fun and exciting to wear with a lot of history behind them. To get your favorite charm bracelets, a little search online is all you need to do. And on this site you would find links to the well known manufacturers so you can visit them and get the kind of charm bracelets, charms and beads you want.

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